The scallywag pirate and the beautiful mermaid

May 27, 2012

There once was a Mermaid named Becky
Who was so surprised when her crystal ball went hazy
February or so was when her mind fell apart
Maybe not so much her mind, as her heart
A Pirate bigger than the sun jumped on her ship
She considered his eccentricity and chanced the trip
The journey’s direction was abiding by ocean shattering waves
The courage she gained in her heart, reminding her of brighter days
A mighty and handsome pirate he commanded her sails
And taught her to navigate through heavy gales
A Mighty pirate full of electricity
Coaching her to deal with life’s pain with bravery
Rather than accepting life’s ferocity
Swimming the oceans of life enjoying liberation
Suntanning on the deck of the ship of no reservation 

The Mermaid having no idea how deep the water was, jumped in.
The quick rush of the water covering each inch of her soul, trippy tail spin.
The ocean was full of sparkly seashells and glittery fish through her eyes
Swimming deeper, vision only getting clearer in an ocean that size
And physically too.
A Mermaid doing what a mermaid in an ocean would naturally do.
Knowing the safety of the ship and Pirate just above her
She swam a little deeper, that’s when surroundings started to blur
The clarity became fogged as the water began to swirl
Fish turned into sharks and seahorses into snapping evil
Her body became laced in seaweed and algae
Binding her body in the deep water that day
Fighting for all she was worth to surface back to the crest
She closed her eyes in that murky water, looked up and wished for the best

Upon earning a huge swallow of fresh air on the deck of the ship
Unsure of how she landed back safe and her body soaking wet
The Handsome Pirate had this little mermaid already in his net.
For it was the strength of his net around her in the deep water that day
Not the seaweed, nor the algae
Nor the mistaken emotion of not knowing
He wiped away her tears, and he felt Love Growing.


Dreams of eden

May 27, 2012

there is so much i want to say to you
there is so much that i see in you
i close my eyes and i see you
i open my heart and i feel you
is it really that easy
and is this really true?
could it be really this simple?
i think to myself as the stars twinkle
my princess, my beautiful fairy
should we not just let it be?
when all the world goes to bed
and the lark sings its sad tune
i remain awake and dream
of when we’ll be 
just you and me
and we’ll be where the angels fear to tread
over the hills and across the dunes
and beyond the clouds
in a land which the beautiful mist shrouds
and there by the ocean we sat
and drank of the purest ocean
and the beautiful blue sea
and the sands so shiny and golden
where no spirit has ever trodden
and then we danced
as it started to rain
and this is where our story will begin…

The walk back home

May 27, 2012

I took a walk today
I left my mind behind
I realised I couldn’t go back there again
But I knew that the train was waiting
I was waiting patiently
I realise it now it will never be the same
I was waiting patiently
Forever for as the sun was slowly fading
Do you want to know the real story?
Or do you want the lie?
Is this the second act?
Or is the play at an end?
Do you want to see me smile?
Or would you prefer to see me cry?
Or would you prefer to turn away?
Never to know, never to know
What is never seen, nor heard
Free to fly, free to fly like a bird
The same as I was now
And I held my hand
As I looked at my mind
In its stale state as it lay
All free now, free from the fray
And the third one was blind
Even though I fair tried
Thinking it was ok
Just complete silence
And candle light
I will be fine
Like I always do
And as I stared at the wall
The twelve angry men cried guilty
And it became true
How far did the rabbit hole go?
When will it end?
Why am I smiling and laughing too?
Why have I convinced myself its true?
I looked around and everyone was gone
Was I finally home?

The Testament

May 27, 2012

A bottle of pills, a vial of chemicals and a trail of tears
Is all that he needed to end all his hidden fears?
A few lines scribbled across the yellow note pads
And the traces of crimson, the expression of his moods
What have I done?
Did I make it good did I?
The moment it was there but I’ve lost it!
It’s a shame because I liked it!
How would it be? How would it be? How would it be…
What have we done?
What if it’s too late?
Did I give you all the best of me? Did I?
I wonder how it would have happened!
And who would stand by me?
Was it me that I was looking for?
Like a needle and the pain that was me
I can show you all the scars inside my heart
Was it not you that said,
You’re all I have and we shall never part!
And as the joker opens the show he laughs
Raise your hand, for those who will make me smile!
The crowd beckons and roars
A lot of chanting and from the throats escapes the cries
We will! We will! We will!
And we will if all we have to do is kill
Your burnt heart and your wicked soul
The child is now dead and gone
And its lonely cries you can’t hear anymore
But if you go towards the oceans wake
You might still find there a track
One that leads to a patch of green
Where even the tiniest insects make no sound
For in there lies a burial mound
And a few words inscribed on a plate
“For here lies me
As I could not see
And none could see me
Crushed by my darkness within
While my tiny hands sought
For the love for which I fought”
And a soul of the captivated one stood
And cried it’s story for aeons it has been shown,
“If I had only known…”

Love is…..

May 27, 2012

Love is longing and longing, the pain of being parted;
no illness is rich enough for the distress of the heart,
a lover’s lament surpasses all other cries of pain,
love is the royal threshold to God’s mystery,
the carnival of small affections and polite attachments,
which litter and consume our passing time,
is no match to love which pulses behind this play,
it’s easy to talk endlessly about love,
to live love is to be seized by joy and bewilderment,
love is not clear-minded, busy with images and argument,
language is too precocious, too impudent, too sane,
to stop the molten lava of love which churns the blood,
this practising energy burns the tongue to silence
the knowing pen is disabled, servile paper,
shrivels in the fire of love, bald reason too is an ass,
explaining love, deceived by spoilt lucidity,
love is dangerous, offering no consolation.

Only those who are ravaged by Love know Love,
the sun alone unveils the sun to those who have,
the sense to receive the senseless and not turn away,
cavernous shadows need the light to play but light,
and light alone can lead you to the light alone,
material shadows weigh down your vision with dross,
but the rising sun splits the ashen moon in empty half,
the outer sun is our daily miracle in timely
birth and death, the inner sun
dazzles the inner eye in a timeless space,
our daily sun is but a working star in a galaxy of stars
our inner sun is One, the dancing nuance of eternal light,
you must be set alight by the inner sun
you have to live your Love or else,
you’ll only end in words…

Rock a bye dragon (by Rebecca O’Shea)

May 27, 2012

rock a bye dragon
on the cave rock
when the earth rumbles 
the cave lair will fall
when the boulder cracks
the dragon will fly
off to its nest
on treasure it will lie


May 27, 2012

It is said there are Angels
In Heaven above
And they shine with the light
Of an inner love

Of these things
I had not a clue
But that was
Before I found you

For in you I’ve found
A love that is so right
It shines all around
With the brightest of light

It comes from somewhere
So deep within
That it has no beginning
And knows no end

Your love is a light
That brightens each day
Of all of the people
You see on your way

Where ever you go
Or whatever you do
All see the love
That you have inside you

That God sent you here
To a place where you’d be
Sharing such love
With someone like me

Is proof for me
That angels exist
And are filled with a love
That no man could resist

I thank God each day
For finding the time
For looking down on me
And making you mine

So yes there are Angels
In heaven above
I know because God
Sent me one to love

The show must go on….

May 27, 2012

Must the show go on? 

Oooooo pa, (let me go, let me go, let me go.)
Oooooo ma, (take me home, take me home, take me home.)

There must be some mistake,
I never meant to let them take,
Away my soul.
Am I too old? 
Is it too late? 

Where has the feeling gone? 
Will I remember this song? 
The show must go on

Where has everyone gone?
Has God’s will been done?
The show must go on

Where has my heart gone?
Is the damage already done?
The show must go on

Where has the laughter gone?
Why am i alone?
The show must go on

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The boy asks for more! He asks for more! Lookie lookie this coloured boy asks for more! You lie boy! You lie! 

and you’ve been caught red-handed stealing feelings!!! the evidence before the court is incontrovertible
and there is no need for a judging
and down the well you’ll be thrown
for crimes against our society
let’s see your heart bleed…
the worms they will slowly eat…

Oooo you cannot reach me now,
Oooo no matter how you try.
Goodbye cruel world, its over.
Walk on by.

Sitting in a bunker,
Here behind my wall,
Waiting for the worms to come.
In perfect isolation,
Here behind my wall,
Waiting for the worms to come.

Waiting, to cut out the deadwood.
Waiting, to clean up the city.
Waiting, to follow the worms.
Waiting, to put on a black shirt.
Waiting, to weed out the weaklings.
Waiting, to smash in their windows and kick in their doors.
Waiting, for the final solution to strengthen the strain.
Waiting, to follow the worms.
Waiting, to turn on the showers and fire the ovens.
Waiting, for the queers and the coons and the reds and the jews.
Waiting, to follow the worms.

Would you like to see britannia,
Rule again, my friend? 
All you have to do is follow the worms.
Would you like to send our colored cousins,
Home again, my friend? 
All you need to do is follow the worms.

The show will go on….just follow the worms…

You and I

May 27, 2012

So look at me, when I’m not aware 
Then you’ll see, I cannot do without you 
I’ll be right there, if you ask me to 
If you’re feeling sad, I’ll stay with you 
And if you’re scared, I’ll hold your hand 
Like I know you’d do for me too. 
I’ll be right there, if you ask me to 
If you’re feeling sad, I’ll stay with you 
And if you’re scared, I’ll hold your hand 
Like I know you’d do for me too

My Becca Boo

May 27, 2012

There are not enough words, to describe the effect u have on me…
You make it easy to be myself, and its you who set me free…
You are just so amazing, I can’t believe how good you make me feel…
I was scared this was only just a dream, but you assured me this was real…
When you told me how you really felt, i had difficulty trying to breathe…
My heart began to beat much faster, but you promised me you wouldn’t leave…
Every word that you wrote, made me want to be with you so much more…
The thought of you had me trembling, deep down inside my core…
I long to b with u boo, like we envisioned for our first meet…
The thought of my arms around you, with your hand in mine is just so sweet…
Watching the beautiful Perth sunset, and a breeze that is so gentle…
We connect on many levels boo, not yet of the physical, but the mental…
But soon enough you’ll be in my arms, falling fast asleep…
I said no harm would come your way, and a promise i always keep…
You’re safe with me at all times boo, id never do you wrong…
We’ve talked about what does not kill you only makes you strong…
You’re open and you’re willing, to tell me how you truly feel…
You’re beautiful, and you care for me, i can hardly believe you’re real…
But the day will come when i look into your eyes, and see what you are made of…
And when I realize where your heart lies, I’ll know you’re my true love!

I love you always and forever Rebecca, your angel forever and yours only Hasan