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The Rainbow

August 15, 2012


Love is red
Perhaps better left not alive but dead.
A remembrance and a memory
The sad lines of a story.

The best fruit in the world?
An orange
Or so i am told
For it will show the mold before it comes of age.
It is after all an orange.

Will you sing me that song again?
Which song you asked.
Was it not yellow that was playing then?

so as i sit in this field of green
with wonder and wander in my eyes
i see the lunatic on the grass
and she just laughs at me and laughs

I am sure it wasn’t the case
But they were obviously different
The lines on the bass
I am sure it was Clapton and BB King
The Blues being their one and only thing

Colours! Colours! Colours!
We all speak and live them everyday!
Wars have been won in this very way!
One has never seen it so
But the quiet colour sitting on the corner is indigo

My love lies lonely in darkness
A shrinking violet
As i sit here wondering
i understand it is too late
Of all the colours that my eyes have passed
a soul lies lonely for a bridge uncrossed
the world is big, the stage is great
and it all ends in a blinding flash of white!