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A quiet summer evening

June 16, 2012

If i asked you about love
what would you say?
Is she a beautiful white dove
who has lost her way?
Is it a natural course of events?
Does it make your heart sway?
Is it the longing for the touch of her hand
and the way it could make me feel
that i don’t feel every day?
There are so many people walking on this path
all around me in this still summer evening,
The tentacles of life
Brighter than light
The stories of each and every one
The rhythm of my heart
The strains of the stradivarius
The mellow call of the flute
The soul crying in the lost dogs eyes
The smile of God
The heartlessness of his laughter
The sadness of the devil
The loneliness of his form
The parched desert of the mirage
The fallen oasis that is me
A universe of thoughts inside my little black hole
And the shooting stars and comets of my ugly night sky
The silence of my world
The substance over form
Will i die forever?
Only to be reborn everytime?
Hephaestus forged in flame and clay
The fire burning with fright?
I will meet you in time again
on a happy summer evening
I will look into the universe of your eyes
The stars will guide me your way



June 5, 2012

to my princess with the blue eyes and dark hair

you are the only thing that this world had fair
for when you left me i shed many a tear
i understand that this had to happen
one day or another,
but it was so very sudden
why did you leave me without a warning?
oh! my girl! my only darling!
the seas are full now
with my billions of tear drops
i cant navigate using lightning and thunderclaps!
i am looking for a way, please show my how!
i wish i could go back and re-live all those moments
but the line on the other end has become totally silent
many words unsaid
many feelings unfelt
many kisses untouched
many loves unloved
one heart broken
one mind torn
one life split
one soul deprived
a moment i shall wait
and many more
i know that i loved you
and my soul did too
what is one lifetime?
if it were not for you?