the time is here, the time is now

the touch of colour is yellow

the dainty old sun is hanging low

on a field of flowers

where i wait for you

the rhythm has left my heart

the bird is set free

and it is not the shade of red that you wanted

but it is all yellow

the universe exploded in a palette of colours

when you smiled to me and said yes

and all i waited for was a ghost

from many light years ago

and all the stars of the heavens

all the jewels of the sky

they have now turned into rust

and have started to fall

and they have started to collect

in a sea of yellow

a colour so mellow

i’m still here

but you’re not

this is only the end for me

so without speaking a sentence

i would like to tell you

in a whisper and a breath

with a heart that has lost its glow

and has turned from gold into stone

love me….will you?


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