Why do we have suffering and despair
why is the plate in front of the child larger than him
why are the dogs eating the flesh even when the child is still alive
why are children being taught to kill people in africa
why are the businessmen and politicians sitting safely in their offices while the mother weeps for her dead children
why do we vote for people who commit crimes against humanity
why did she leave him for a man that she can never love
why do we judge others when we can not judge our own selves
why do we not help others when we possess the power to do so
why was there Hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Box
Why do we have hope when our vision of reality is shattered
Why do we not possess the power to see beyond what is shown to us
Why do we have doubts when the future is inevitable
Why are we told that we have a choice when there is none
Why is your smile so empty
Why do you have to lie to me when i was the one who tried to help you
Why did you have to leave me when i needed you most
Why did you have to try my resolve when you know that i shall fail without you
Why have you stopped our regular conversations
Why is this said to be the way of the world
Why do my morbid visions always come true

…….is this the future that David, Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed gave their blood for…….

here i wait on the shores of the Unseen
to be One with the true Immortal Being
My Soul only seeks knowledge
Nothing else matters in this or another age
I am a liar the same as you
Will you believe that? what if isn’t true?

Why is there still suffering
Why does it not end…..


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