The walk back home

I took a walk today
I left my mind behind
I realised I couldn’t go back there again
But I knew that the train was waiting
I was waiting patiently
I realise it now it will never be the same
I was waiting patiently
Forever for as the sun was slowly fading
Do you want to know the real story?
Or do you want the lie?
Is this the second act?
Or is the play at an end?
Do you want to see me smile?
Or would you prefer to see me cry?
Or would you prefer to turn away?
Never to know, never to know
What is never seen, nor heard
Free to fly, free to fly like a bird
The same as I was now
And I held my hand
As I looked at my mind
In its stale state as it lay
All free now, free from the fray
And the third one was blind
Even though I fair tried
Thinking it was ok
Just complete silence
And candle light
I will be fine
Like I always do
And as I stared at the wall
The twelve angry men cried guilty
And it became true
How far did the rabbit hole go?
When will it end?
Why am I smiling and laughing too?
Why have I convinced myself its true?
I looked around and everyone was gone
Was I finally home?


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