The Testament

A bottle of pills, a vial of chemicals and a trail of tears
Is all that he needed to end all his hidden fears?
A few lines scribbled across the yellow note pads
And the traces of crimson, the expression of his moods
What have I done?
Did I make it good did I?
The moment it was there but I’ve lost it!
It’s a shame because I liked it!
How would it be? How would it be? How would it be…
What have we done?
What if it’s too late?
Did I give you all the best of me? Did I?
I wonder how it would have happened!
And who would stand by me?
Was it me that I was looking for?
Like a needle and the pain that was me
I can show you all the scars inside my heart
Was it not you that said,
You’re all I have and we shall never part!
And as the joker opens the show he laughs
Raise your hand, for those who will make me smile!
The crowd beckons and roars
A lot of chanting and from the throats escapes the cries
We will! We will! We will!
And we will if all we have to do is kill
Your burnt heart and your wicked soul
The child is now dead and gone
And its lonely cries you can’t hear anymore
But if you go towards the oceans wake
You might still find there a track
One that leads to a patch of green
Where even the tiniest insects make no sound
For in there lies a burial mound
And a few words inscribed on a plate
“For here lies me
As I could not see
And none could see me
Crushed by my darkness within
While my tiny hands sought
For the love for which I fought”
And a soul of the captivated one stood
And cried it’s story for aeons it has been shown,
“If I had only known…”


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