The scallywag pirate and the beautiful mermaid

There once was a Mermaid named Becky
Who was so surprised when her crystal ball went hazy
February or so was when her mind fell apart
Maybe not so much her mind, as her heart
A Pirate bigger than the sun jumped on her ship
She considered his eccentricity and chanced the trip
The journey’s direction was abiding by ocean shattering waves
The courage she gained in her heart, reminding her of brighter days
A mighty and handsome pirate he commanded her sails
And taught her to navigate through heavy gales
A Mighty pirate full of electricity
Coaching her to deal with life’s pain with bravery
Rather than accepting life’s ferocity
Swimming the oceans of life enjoying liberation
Suntanning on the deck of the ship of no reservation 

The Mermaid having no idea how deep the water was, jumped in.
The quick rush of the water covering each inch of her soul, trippy tail spin.
The ocean was full of sparkly seashells and glittery fish through her eyes
Swimming deeper, vision only getting clearer in an ocean that size
And physically too.
A Mermaid doing what a mermaid in an ocean would naturally do.
Knowing the safety of the ship and Pirate just above her
She swam a little deeper, that’s when surroundings started to blur
The clarity became fogged as the water began to swirl
Fish turned into sharks and seahorses into snapping evil
Her body became laced in seaweed and algae
Binding her body in the deep water that day
Fighting for all she was worth to surface back to the crest
She closed her eyes in that murky water, looked up and wished for the best

Upon earning a huge swallow of fresh air on the deck of the ship
Unsure of how she landed back safe and her body soaking wet
The Handsome Pirate had this little mermaid already in his net.
For it was the strength of his net around her in the deep water that day
Not the seaweed, nor the algae
Nor the mistaken emotion of not knowing
He wiped away her tears, and he felt Love Growing.


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