The road to Aria

Lonely it is the path that i tread
Empty and hollow is my heart
there are too many thoughts
running through my head

i woke up sometime before the winter
stuck in my mind’s prison
i never saw the sun shine
and all that i could do is falter

every road and every step
no matter what i did
no matter what i said
it was every time i tried

until i saw you smile
your glorious heart
it shined so bright
i forgot everything for a while

but like a faded ghost
you looked away
the lips turned cold
and as again i was lost

a temporal aberration
i felt those feelings again
all it was
an abnormal correction

all our lives are too small
and the universe is too big
when we wake up
we find ourselves alone
and there is nothing to do but fall

into nothingness
into emptiness
into loneliness

the path is harder
the heart is colder
Antaeus’ touch with Gaia is lost
on the parched ground it starts to rain
carrying a message of nothing but pain
the tears have bled dry
i know it will hurt everytime
but i shall not stop
i will always try….


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