The ladder of life

the wind ruffled his hair
and her tender loving kiss brushed across his face
and he wondered if it all was a dream
or was it a surreal reality
that God took a moment to trace
Aeons have passed since he has been
sitting in his frailty
though immortal he will always
be a part of humanity
Troubled he has been of late
for he does not know
What will happen today
neither does he comprehend what will happen tomorrow
She smiles at him with her pure and loving face
he is lost in her eyes and can not stop and gaze
and wonders why he’s been running for so long
for a love that has been there all along
for no one told him of the oyster that makes a pearl
grain by grain
a little bit every day
the kind of love that seemed never there
only to slowly build something that no force of nature
dare to ever wear
for the devil came for his soul when he was born
“he breathes no more..
from his body his life must be torn!!”
and he came for him so many times more
and to the dark one’s desires
were there clothes of flesh and blood worn
“choose son of adam, for you have no other..
for we have hidden the truth and your eyes shall forever hear
and you heart will always shed a billion times a tear!”
but the season had changed
as summer covered his world with a beautiful white coat
a snow of eternal purity and love so sincere
that he broke down and cried oceans of tears, as for a moment he had lost his fear
and said what he had always wanted to say
“i love you my princess..
forever and always endlessly
and more so with each passing day..”
her beauty was captivating they say
but it was her soul which tied them together
for a love that will never wither
what has never begun
will never have an end
the passage of eternity
and a garden to tend…


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