The devil and I

i met the devil today
he greeted me with the usual warmth
in his smooth and eloquent way
we talked about the current affairs
and happenings of home and lands far away
i asked him about my future
and he offered me a tray
on it was a cup of earl grey
it tasted perfect
and he commented: what were you expecting any way?
i still persisted
my mind still searching for the answers
he, however, insisted
that i help him water the flowers and the plants
i grew impatient
and yes, i told him indeed so
how am i to know my destiny
and how many times does success have to elude me
he just laughed and looked carefree
and when he stopped
i pleaded: please answer me!
finally his silence was broken
and there appeared a shadow in his countenance
look beyond and can you see?
i stopped for a while and my mind froze
for there i was in the throes
of my own terror
standing as i was in front of a mirror


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