Sarien falls

In the ancient land of sarien falls
Once there a beautiful dragon was
She looked up at the setting sun each day
For its pleasantry made her heart sing in every way
Her wings were made of jewels of the finest kind
And her eyes were like rubies perfect and round
And she could fly and fly until there was land no more
To all us mere earthlings she was myth and folklore
But one day a poor beggar by the way side
Followed her perfect tracks which were not washed by the tide
And found her lair full of treasure and a warm loving glow
And he found her resting herself among it, behold and lo!
He fell in love with her and at this wonderful sight
And with heart beating fast he said with all his might
My lady i am but a poor man with nothing to offer and my name is Hasan
Will you marry me and i shall love you with all my heart and soul forever and till there is no end?


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