It only seems a day since we met
And fell in love which seems like fate
And now i feel that all my life
It is only you that i have loved
Sigh! Its such a shame that i am but a mortal man
and you are a beautiful being from above
My life is too short and i am too weak
But to you my vow i shall never break

I wish i could write
An unending number of poems i would
If only i had the talent
To fashion with my feelings i would create
A statue of golden words
And angels of music to accompany it

If all the oceans in the universe
Were into ink turned
And all the universe itself a scroll
would i still run out of
words in every form possible
to describe your beauty
and my love for you
my sweet Princess Boo

Your countenace is that of a rose in bloom
The morning dew still fresh in its bud
And the flutterby and the bee
circling all around it
Scared to touch the holiness of you
For fear to tread on hallowed groud
that even angels fear to tread
And your love is like the twilight
for there was never a beginning
and there will never be an end
And so shall i remain
your faithful follower
only able to express my emotions
as human as they are
and as inadequate as my faculties remain
To describe your heavenly domain
I shall ask one small favour
of very small discourse
To spend my mortal existence
in your holy presence
to remove my weaknesses
by the radiance of your holy grace
And in death let my only words be
“I love you my sweetest Princess
and always will, wish i could be
as a river, and flow endlessly to your sea”


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