Only you

Lying in bed all alone
Thinking of you
As the tears keep falling
My love for you will always be true

Perhaps we are poles apart
A bridge too far
My heart and soul
Feels the pain and anguish
Of true love
And that is not all

I pray to the Almighty everday
From one who strives not to go astray
The path that i have chosen
To love it will lead
The Almighty tells me though
To take heed
Of the obstacles in the shadows
Of the barren desert
Filled with Loneliness and Despair
He has guided me so far
And in His presence i go so near

My lovely lovely girl
All I offer is love
Unconditional and infinite
The measure of which
Exceeds all that is definite

For all I know
I shall forever hunger for you
And forever I shall wait
To be that shadow
For you from the sharpest rays
To be the bearer
For when you thirst
To be the cloak
For when you are cold
To be the shoulder
For when you want to cry
To be the Friend
For when you feel lonely
Forever my love

My love is unending
A story untold
For my feelings are true
And I shall always love only you…


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