Melach Elohim

I want to run and hide 
But I know it was all over last night 
I want to spread my wings 
But dont know what tomorrow brings 
I want to be there for you 
It’s not a lie it’s all true 
I want love but it’s all a game 
The only thing that comes to my mind is your name 
I want you to be the sun that shines on me 
The light that’s within wants to be free 
I want you to be the moon that luminates 
A scarab on the desert sands 
I want you to return 
But i know it’s too late 
I wanted just one kiss 
From here to eternal bliss 
Take me by my lonely hand 
Make me understand 
Why the fallen angel fears 
And cries his eternal tears 
as Bardiel laughs cruelly 
and joins the other twelve in my misery 
a dream or a fantasy 
i am still here and feel i’ll always be 
will you ever come for me?


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