Love is…..

Love is longing and longing, the pain of being parted;
no illness is rich enough for the distress of the heart,
a lover’s lament surpasses all other cries of pain,
love is the royal threshold to God’s mystery,
the carnival of small affections and polite attachments,
which litter and consume our passing time,
is no match to love which pulses behind this play,
it’s easy to talk endlessly about love,
to live love is to be seized by joy and bewilderment,
love is not clear-minded, busy with images and argument,
language is too precocious, too impudent, too sane,
to stop the molten lava of love which churns the blood,
this practising energy burns the tongue to silence
the knowing pen is disabled, servile paper,
shrivels in the fire of love, bald reason too is an ass,
explaining love, deceived by spoilt lucidity,
love is dangerous, offering no consolation.

Only those who are ravaged by Love know Love,
the sun alone unveils the sun to those who have,
the sense to receive the senseless and not turn away,
cavernous shadows need the light to play but light,
and light alone can lead you to the light alone,
material shadows weigh down your vision with dross,
but the rising sun splits the ashen moon in empty half,
the outer sun is our daily miracle in timely
birth and death, the inner sun
dazzles the inner eye in a timeless space,
our daily sun is but a working star in a galaxy of stars
our inner sun is One, the dancing nuance of eternal light,
you must be set alight by the inner sun
you have to live your Love or else,
you’ll only end in words…


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