Dreams of eden

there is so much i want to say to you
there is so much that i see in you
i close my eyes and i see you
i open my heart and i feel you
is it really that easy
and is this really true?
could it be really this simple?
i think to myself as the stars twinkle
my princess, my beautiful fairy
should we not just let it be?
when all the world goes to bed
and the lark sings its sad tune
i remain awake and dream
of when we’ll be 
just you and me
and we’ll be where the angels fear to tread
over the hills and across the dunes
and beyond the clouds
in a land which the beautiful mist shrouds
and there by the ocean we sat
and drank of the purest ocean
and the beautiful blue sea
and the sands so shiny and golden
where no spirit has ever trodden
and then we danced
as it started to rain
and this is where our story will begin…


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