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Cheesy poem

May 27, 2012

I’ve heard it said by many around

That the moon is made of a cheese round

Its mined by little spacemen mice

Who sell it at a dear price

So next time you sit down to have cheese

Remember the mice on parmesan seas

Who work non stop in their spacemen hats

Just glad that they’re out of reach of birdybirol num num kittns and kats



May 27, 2012

Im sorry for everything you’ve been through
I know how hard it has been for you
Im sorry for all i’ve said and done
I was the moon you were the sun
I am sorry for not lending you a hand
I wish i could be a better friend
I’m sorry if it seems like i didnt care
Lucky for you, you have good friends who care
I’m sorry for breaking your heart
For forgiveness, where do i start?
I’m sorry for all the times you’ve cried
I am sorry the fault was always mine
I’m sorry i broke your heart
I’m sorry i tore you apart
I’m sorry for all the pain i’ve caused
I’m sorry i let you fall
There will remain feelings that you cant erase
Lost time and memories that you cant replace
Because of my actions now nothing’s the same
I looked in my mirror and knew i was to blame
I realise just saying sorry is not all it takes
No magical words to make gone the mistakes
I didnot mean to hurt you
The way i realise i now did
Your love means more than the world to me
And it always will
I will do whatever it takes
To prove the same to you
Ever since i have met you
And you enveloped my unworthy heart
I knew for sure that
A new chapter in my life would begin to start
I am sorry for being too emotional
I am sorry for being mean
I am sorry i cry for you so much
I am sorry i cant imagine my life without you
I am sorry for my self centred love
I am sorry it seems i cared not enough
Sorry if i am sometimes so complicated
Sorry for making you feel frustrated
I want to begin the road back with those words from my heart
They do not mark the end but maybe a start
I am sorry for the last few days
When i made you tired, angry, confused and scared
Please let me make amends and let me be there…..

Sarien falls

May 27, 2012

In the ancient land of sarien falls
Once there a beautiful dragon was
She looked up at the setting sun each day
For its pleasantry made her heart sing in every way
Her wings were made of jewels of the finest kind
And her eyes were like rubies perfect and round
And she could fly and fly until there was land no more
To all us mere earthlings she was myth and folklore
But one day a poor beggar by the way side
Followed her perfect tracks which were not washed by the tide
And found her lair full of treasure and a warm loving glow
And he found her resting herself among it, behold and lo!
He fell in love with her and at this wonderful sight
And with heart beating fast he said with all his might
My lady i am but a poor man with nothing to offer and my name is Hasan
Will you marry me and i shall love you with all my heart and soul forever and till there is no end?

a moment

May 27, 2012

A rebecca by any other name you are not
To love you is the greatest pleasure and honour i have got
I feel you in my heart my sweet
And i long for the moment when we two shall meet
The moment will stand still and it will contemplate
Of how much we can love each other even through this wait


May 27, 2012

the time is here, the time is now

the touch of colour is yellow

the dainty old sun is hanging low

on a field of flowers

where i wait for you

the rhythm has left my heart

the bird is set free

and it is not the shade of red that you wanted

but it is all yellow

the universe exploded in a palette of colours

when you smiled to me and said yes

and all i waited for was a ghost

from many light years ago

and all the stars of the heavens

all the jewels of the sky

they have now turned into rust

and have started to fall

and they have started to collect

in a sea of yellow

a colour so mellow

i’m still here

but you’re not

this is only the end for me

so without speaking a sentence

i would like to tell you

in a whisper and a breath

with a heart that has lost its glow

and has turned from gold into stone

love me….will you?

the journey

May 27, 2012

…so here we are, floating in the eternal nothingness

like galaxies in the night sky

we slowly move apart

and leave each other

a lost soul and an empty heart

for just like the universe from which we were born

and in the journey in which we are stretched and torn

we will come together again my friend

my love, did you not know that this is not the end?…..

wishing you were here

May 27, 2012

i love you

and i love you

and i always will

and i always will

and i always will

you came to me

and i knew i was free

and i was waiting

and i was thinking

and i didn’t know what to do

and with your beautiful smile

my beautiful boo

you made me love you

and love you

and love you

and love you

and love you

and i always will

and i always will

and i always will

and you came back to me

and i was still waiting

and on a black chair i was sitting

all alone by myself

as i always have

and i always have

and i always will

with my three companions

me, myself and I

its as good as this gets for me

and a bright star shines in the sky

and for a moment i thought i saw a light

a way in

not knowing where to begin

as it is

it seems to be

all a falacy

but someone said never give up never give up never give up

its already been programmed in a mathematica

in a software called statistica

where zero is a number

and it means something

more than anything

and its not a secret

and you have no reason to fear it

for its all only a wordplay

and that is the message

but it has meaning

for if you like it

then you do like me

and if you do comprehend that

then i picture together we sat

on a park bench

and this is only a hunch

sipping on blueberry fizz

while the summer breeze

lightly kisses the trees

and we look on down kings park

and hark

if one listens carefully

then they will hear the noise of funk

from down shell beach and the white shell conch

wish you were here with me

i have been all alone

and in my loneliness

all i thought of was you

and that my love for every moment of my temporal and spatial existence

i will do

i love you

and only and always you…..

The scallywag pirate and the beautiful mermaid

May 27, 2012

There once was a Mermaid named Becky
Who was so surprised when her crystal ball went hazy
February or so was when her mind fell apart
Maybe not so much her mind, as her heart
A Pirate bigger than the sun jumped on her ship
She considered his eccentricity and chanced the trip
The journey’s direction was abiding by ocean shattering waves
The courage she gained in her heart, reminding her of brighter days
A mighty and handsome pirate he commanded her sails
And taught her to navigate through heavy gales
A Mighty pirate full of electricity
Coaching her to deal with life’s pain with bravery
Rather than accepting life’s ferocity
Swimming the oceans of life enjoying liberation
Suntanning on the deck of the ship of no reservation 

The Mermaid having no idea how deep the water was, jumped in.
The quick rush of the water covering each inch of her soul, trippy tail spin.
The ocean was full of sparkly seashells and glittery fish through her eyes
Swimming deeper, vision only getting clearer in an ocean that size
And physically too.
A Mermaid doing what a mermaid in an ocean would naturally do.
Knowing the safety of the ship and Pirate just above her
She swam a little deeper, that’s when surroundings started to blur
The clarity became fogged as the water began to swirl
Fish turned into sharks and seahorses into snapping evil
Her body became laced in seaweed and algae
Binding her body in the deep water that day
Fighting for all she was worth to surface back to the crest
She closed her eyes in that murky water, looked up and wished for the best

Upon earning a huge swallow of fresh air on the deck of the ship
Unsure of how she landed back safe and her body soaking wet
The Handsome Pirate had this little mermaid already in his net.
For it was the strength of his net around her in the deep water that day
Not the seaweed, nor the algae
Nor the mistaken emotion of not knowing
He wiped away her tears, and he felt Love Growing.

Dreams of eden

May 27, 2012

there is so much i want to say to you
there is so much that i see in you
i close my eyes and i see you
i open my heart and i feel you
is it really that easy
and is this really true?
could it be really this simple?
i think to myself as the stars twinkle
my princess, my beautiful fairy
should we not just let it be?
when all the world goes to bed
and the lark sings its sad tune
i remain awake and dream
of when we’ll be 
just you and me
and we’ll be where the angels fear to tread
over the hills and across the dunes
and beyond the clouds
in a land which the beautiful mist shrouds
and there by the ocean we sat
and drank of the purest ocean
and the beautiful blue sea
and the sands so shiny and golden
where no spirit has ever trodden
and then we danced
as it started to rain
and this is where our story will begin…

The walk back home

May 27, 2012

I took a walk today
I left my mind behind
I realised I couldn’t go back there again
But I knew that the train was waiting
I was waiting patiently
I realise it now it will never be the same
I was waiting patiently
Forever for as the sun was slowly fading
Do you want to know the real story?
Or do you want the lie?
Is this the second act?
Or is the play at an end?
Do you want to see me smile?
Or would you prefer to see me cry?
Or would you prefer to turn away?
Never to know, never to know
What is never seen, nor heard
Free to fly, free to fly like a bird
The same as I was now
And I held my hand
As I looked at my mind
In its stale state as it lay
All free now, free from the fray
And the third one was blind
Even though I fair tried
Thinking it was ok
Just complete silence
And candle light
I will be fine
Like I always do
And as I stared at the wall
The twelve angry men cried guilty
And it became true
How far did the rabbit hole go?
When will it end?
Why am I smiling and laughing too?
Why have I convinced myself its true?
I looked around and everyone was gone
Was I finally home?